Reef Seen Conservation Week

For more than 25 years, Reef Seen has been committed to protecting and preserving Pemuteran’s sea and the marine life that lies beneath. Subsequently, this helped to develop local marine tourism, creating new business and employment opportunities for the Village of Pemuteran.

The success of our conservation efforts of Pemuteran’s marine assets is the main reason behind our initial “Reef Seen Conservation Week”.  Through sharing our knowledge and experience, we highlight some of the work done in our continuing efforts as the pioneers of marine conservation in Pemuteran.

Reef Seen Conservation Week (RSCW) 2017 and 2018 involved events of mutually beneficial value to all participants and the marine environment, such as the release of sea turtle hatchlings by Pemuteran school students, group presentations and discussions, and conservation dives (Crown of Thorn starfish and Drupella snails removal, coral repair, and trash clean-ups). RSWC is run from Pemuteran for Pemuteran, organized and driven by Reef Seen staff, the majority of whom are from Pemuteran.