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“Selamat Datang” – Welcome to Reef Seen Divers’ Resort…

Home of the Turtle Hatchery, Reef Seen Dancers & the Reef Gardeners of Pemuteran

Does diving and snorkeling appeal to you? Or perhaps taking a holiday in a peaceful, hassle free environment, with colourful, coral reefs and fishlife commencing just 20 metres from the beach? If yes is your answer then you are ready for North-West Bali & Reef Seen Divers’ Resort.

World-class diving and incredible snorkeling apart, we offer calm beaches, loads of sunshine, fascinating culture, pony rides for the children, all to be found here in the village of Pemuteran, North-West Bali, and not a hawker in sight.

The resort can be reached by a 3-4 hour trip from the Airport and Kuta region. It is one of the most beatiful drives on Bali, taking you up into the mountains via Bedugul. Passing the 3 lakes around Bedugul (Lake Bratan, Buyan and Tamblingan) you will encounter the famous Bratan Temple. Down to the north coast gorgeous rice paddies and stunning views will surprise you even more.

What is Reef Seen?

Reef Seen Divers’ Resort is located in the north west of Bali, in the beautiful bay of Pemuteran, a gateway to the area’s diving as well as Menjangan Island Marine Reserve.

Reef Seen Divers’ Resort combines Reef Seen Aquatics & Reef View bungalows under the same name. We are mainly focused on Diving! We are not just a hotel with a dive school, but we are a dive center with pleasant accommodation and that can be an important difference when you are a diver or are interested to become a diver. Why ? Because you will find yourself in a place that is specialized on diving and sharing your experiences with people who understand what you are talking about whether it’s fish, reefs, reef protection or our special dives and dive sites.

Reef Seen Divers’ Resort is right on the beach in Pemuteran and our rooms are five connected bungalows, situated just 50 meters from the water’s edge, you will find yourself at one of the best dive locations on Bali.

World class diving and snorkelling apart, we offer calm beaches, loads of sunshine and fascinating culture, without a hawker/beach seller in sight. Pemuteran is a gem of a place, far away from the busy tourist areas that are the norm in other parts of Bali.

Reef Seen Divers’ Resort resort was, in late 1991, the pioneer dive operator which discovered named and began the protection of most of the reefs in the area. They are eco friendly, deeply involved in the community, founders of the Turtle Hatchery, home of the Reef Gardeners and Reef Seen Dancers of Pemuteran.