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All Muck & Magic

If you are only into coral & fish in clear blue waters then stop reading now. But to open you eyes to the wonderful world of special creature that inhabit the volcanic sands and grasses of our marine world then keep going. Close the shoreline in the shallows can be prone to not so great visibility and sadly also scattered with rubbish. Nevertheless bring your macro camera and be prepared for long and fascinating dives..

Secret Bay

About and hour's drive from Pemuteran in Gilimanuk lies Secret Bay, one of the most well known muck dives in this area. At the site is a good area for divers to prepare for the shore entry into the shallow water. Our guides will lead you round, being careful not to stir up the fine silts, to seek out frogfish, nudibranch, seahorses, moray eels, ghost pipefish and a host of other rare & special creatures.
The water at Secret Bay tends to be cooler than in the rest of Bali, so you should dress accordingly.

Fishermans' Basket

While most of the shallows in Pemuteran Bay have spawned pretty coral gardens, at the East end this has not been the case. But this doesn't mean there is nothing to see. Stretching from beyond the jetty back through the fishing village hoards of treasures can be found. From Banggai Cardinal fish to sea-horses, knobbly sea stars to flag-waving dragonettes, flying gurnard, burrowing eels, nudibranchs and a host of shrimps and crabs. We take you there in one of our boats and you'll end up just a short stroll back from the centre.