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Napoleon Reef

This reef is like a model of what all man-made aquariums strive to be. Its upper area, about the size of half a football field, gently slopes down on each side, and it has three underwater peninsulas that reach out to the deep blue depths. The reef is a breeding area for many species of fish, and large cuttlefish are often spotted here laying their eggs in the coral. An amazing variety of corals can be found here, including giant table corals, gorgonian fans, colourful soft and hard corals, and giant barrel and other sponges, to name just a few, all co-existing with nudibranchs, egg cowries and other live shells, and an assortment of other invertebrates.

Note: The shallows areas of this reef suffered a great deal of coral bleaching during the warm water time of El Niño. However, the deeper areas are still intact and the shallow areas are making a remarkable comeback. Now it is a great place to witness the regeneration of the corals.

napoleon map